STEELE J.D. Masters (Simon Hawke)

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  • BILLIONS ARE DEAD FROM SUPER VIRUS, which was spread by Islamic terrorists at the end of the 20th century. The terrorists got it from…somewhere
    • 1st mutation – slightly slower death
    • 2nd mutation – see above
    • 3rd mutation – creates “screamers,” aka zombies. Steele’s family killed themselves due to this (still exists)
    • 4th mutation – crippling nerves and muscles
    • 5th mutation – pneumonia (still exists?)
  • “The two major superpowers” assumed the virus was created by one another, despite both areas having the virus. Many died from the virus while attempting to press the “deadly buttons” to send off the nukes
  • New Mexico: Partially destroyed by nukes. Los Alamos (ironically) is still A-OK and there is federal research being done on Project Download
  • Texas: Has seceded from the US. “Extended full cooperation to the government of the United States” whatever that means
  • Washington DC: destroyed by nukes
  • New York: Hit with several missile strikes, still seems relatively OK somehow
  • Virginia, Boston, and “The Cape in Florida” (assuming Canaveral) had also been hit
  • Montana, Wyoming, New Mexico, Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico, Utah, and Nevada had been hit hard
  • Parts of Montana, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado had been completely leveled
  • Nevada: nuclear wasteland, and the border is patrolled by federal troops (somehow)
  • California: hit by missile strikes that caused earthquakes. Nobody knows what is going on here, despite neighboring Nevada, which is constantly patrolled
  • The US government is decentralized in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Detroit, Chicago, and Atlanta
  • The President, Congress, and the CIA are in New York. All in one building. Seems smart.
  • Florida is a Semi-Independent state, but Miami is a LAWLESS HAVEN FOR PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN
  • Most of the Southwest had regressed to the 1800s
  • Nobody knows anything about Alaska or Hawaii
  • The governments of Canada and Mexico had collapsed due to the virus
  • There is no functioning authority in much of the Midwest, the south, and many areas of the northwest and the east coast. You may recognize this as most of the country
  • Here are some of the gangs in Long Island:
    • The Borodini enclave (encompassing the Skulls and Green Dragons)
    • The Delano enclave in Brooklyn
    • The Pastori family in Queens
    • The Castellanos in Long Beach
    • The Brood, a biker gang on Montauk
  • These gangs have surface-to-air missiles.
  • Air Travel still exists
  • Television still exists
  • Voting still exists
  • Government bugets still exist


Lt. Donovan Steele

Main character, 43. Was the best cop in the NYPD Strike Force. He was forced into the CIA's project download after a training mission he conducted went awry. Project Download installed a psychocybernetic biochip in his brain which the CIA used to download his police skills, so they could more quickly train new officers.

Later, Steele meets with Ice to discuss plans to capture and get revenge on Victor Borodini. During the clandestine meeting, Borodini's goons immolate Steele's partner Mick and shoot Steele into a Coma.

The CIA use this opportunity to download Steele's mind using the biochip and implant his memories into a cyborg. However, due to brain damage sustained during the attack, Steele had to have parts of his mind replaced by some guy named Johnson. In addition to Steele's new cybernetic brain, he received:

  • Laser Eyes
  • Nysteel Skull
  • Nysteel Ribcage
  • Robo hands, and later, robo hand darts and lasers
  • Nysteel bones
  • Robo legs
  • A mini-fusion reactor to power it all

Things Steele got to keep:

  • His human penis and testicles. He can still have children. If you remember nothing else, remember this.
  • His heart and blood, so he can get erections and have awesome fights where he bleeds.
  • Some internal organs and skin.

His life is a living nightmare and his family has either left or are dead. Examples of said tragedy:

  1. His mother contracted the third mutation of the virus trying to find a cure.
  2. His mother instictually hurried home and infected Steele's two brothers and his father.
  3. His father then killed her and his infected sons, before killing himself
  4. Steele's wife of twenty years left him while he was in a coma, taking his two kids.
  5. When his daugher, Cory, found out he was still alive she ran away to New York at the age of 15, her brother soon followed.
  6. Cory was forced into prostitution and murdered by Steele's former partner, Mick, who also had been turned into a cybord. Mick was psychotic, though, and took Cory hostage. Cory was later killed in a firefight with CHUDs.
  7. The location of Steele's son is unknown.
  8. Steele's first love interest, Dr. Carmody, was killed by Victor Borodini soon after they "fell in love."
  9. His best friend and ours, Ice, was killed by a random helicopter.
  10. His second love interest, Raven, was killed during a shootout with a pimp by a cop car.
  11. His therapist, Dr. Cooper, was killed by the double-crossing Senator Carman
  12. His boss, CIA director Higgins, was also killed in that double cross.
First Appearance
A veteran senior officer, Steele had beat the odds, and, along with a picked group of his fellow officers, he had been chosen to rotate on training duty in the hope that he could passs on some of his hard-earned skills and knowledge to those candidates who had already completed their classroom training and passed the rigorous exams. But, unlike some of his superiors in the department, Steele did not believe that numbers alone would provide an adequate solution to the problem...And he had his own methods of separating those who could make the grade from those who would simply flesh out the statistics. J.D. Masters, Steele pg. 6

Janice Steele

Steele's Ex-Wife. She hates cops and Steele, but finds him sexually irresistable so they stay married for twenty years and have two kids.

She starts cheating on Steele with multiple men before leaving him when he gets turned into a robot. She tells the kids Steele is dead, which doesn't turn out well. She is the definition of a shrew.

First Appearance
Janice Steele was not and never had been a cop's wife. She was married to a cop, and a Strike Force cop at that, but it was something she acknowledged only in a vague, intellectual sort of way and not at all emotionally. J.D. Masters, Steele pg. 25

Father Liam Casey

An Irish priest that everyone tells everything about their lives.

He has done absolutely nothing of consequence.

Fortunately, he found someone who could provide that much-needed sympathetic ear. HIs name was Father Liam Casey, a Catholic Priest who was twenty years Steele's senior and worked out of St. Vincent's on Lexington and 66th. J.D. Masters, Steele pg. 31

Dr. Susan Carmody

Lady Scientist. Obsessed with Steele and tries to have sex with him immediately.

Leads the psychological part of Project Download/Steele, but chooses to have a relationship with Steele instead.

Dead due to drive-by helicopter minigun sent by Victor Borodini.

First Appearance
He'd drunk about half the coffee when an attractive young woman with auburn hair worn loosely to her shoulders came out into the reception area. She wore a white lab coat with a plastic-coated I.D. pinned to her breast over a well-tailored skirt and high heels. She had very nice legs. J.D. Masters, Steele pg. 47

Oliver Higgins

Leader of Project Download at the CIA. Loves surveillance cameras and bugging rooms.

Gets into a sexual relationship with Dr. Jennifer Stone, until she betrays him.

Dead: Killed by Senator Bryce Carman's double cross at the end of Renegade Steele.

He looked like a well-turned-out corporate executive. He was slim and his short dark hair was neatly combed and slightly gray at the temples. His eyes were dark brown, attentive and alert. The eyes of a man who didn't miss much. J.D. Masters, Steele pg. 60

Victor Borodini

Crime boss who combined the Chingos, Skulls, and Green Dragon games into the Borodini Enclave.

Ordered the hit on Steele which led to him becoming a robot.

Has sex with his own son.

Somehow lives up to the last J.D. Masters book.

Dead: Shotgunned to death in a parking garage by Steele in Target Steele

First Appearance
"And why shouldn't they?" said Borodini, dark, suave and urbane in his dapper suit and diamon stickpin.
"So you admit it?"
"Why shouldn't I admit it?" Victor Borodini said. "I'm a businessman. Arms are one of the commodities I deal in." J.D. Masters, Steele pg. 85
Tommy Borodini
Oldest Son. Pedophile. Dead.
Rick Borodini
Middle Son. Psychopath. Killed Tommy. Dead due to repeated Steeele stabbings.
Paulie Borodini
Youngest Son. Twink. Planner. "Looks like his mother".


Best Character - Worst Dialog.

The former leader of the Skulls gang. He was forced out when Victor Borodini combined the Skulls with the other gangs.

The Prime Minister of Hell

Most effective at solving problems

Is jacked, wears all black, a necklace, and sunglasses inside.

Superpower: Can knock people out with one punch.

Dead: killed by random helicopter pilot in Renegade Steele

First Appearance
"Hold it right there," a deep, unmistakably black voice called out. J.D. Masters, Steele pg. 104

Dr. Devon Cooper

Arrives in New York from Texas by way of Los Alamos. He was working on Project Download in Nevada, and takes over for Dr. Carmody at the CIA. Quickly finds that there is an additional copy of Steele's mind in a program. He is given the copy to study.

By the time of Killer Steele, Dev has been so emotionally wrecked by stealing the program and forcing it to tell him the truth that he has taken hard to drinking and drugs.

Goes cold turkey offscreen during Jagged Steele and is all better by Renegade Steele.

Dead: Killed by Senator Bryce Carman's double cross at the end of Renegade Steele.

First Appearance
A civilian, Cooper did not know if he was expected to return the salute or not, and he would have felt awkward doing so in any case. Instead, he merely nodded and touched the brim of his chocolate-colored Stetson. J.D. Masters, Cold Steele pg. 1

Raven Scarpetti

Hoo boy. Former child prostitute, now 22. Steele's love interest.

Has the absolute worst character introduction in history.

She's very tough and not embarrassed of her past, but in an-embarassingly written way.

Dead: The guns on a police car shot her during a shoot-out with a pimp.

First Appearance
Absolutely Not. Me.

The Matrix

A copy of Steele's mind in electronic form. Created by Dr. Phillip Gates to help Dr. Devon Cooper analyze Steele.

The Matrix gets loose and operates as a helper for Steele and helps Steele get back his memories that he lost at the end of Killer Steele

Loves to make sex tapes.

First Appearance

He lit up a cigarette, inhaled, coughed, took a deep breath and booted up the program.

A second passed.

A second that seemed like an eternity

And then Steele's voice came from the speaker.

It said, "Where am I?"

J.D. Masters, Cold Steele pg. 69

Dr. Jennifer Stone

A 30-something year old virgin who sleeps with the closest male after finding out Steele's brain has been copied into a program and is thinking on its own

That closest alive male was Higgins.

Takes over Project Steele after Dr. Phillip Gates is killed by Stalker.

Gets into a very aggressive sexual relationship with Higgins.

Then betrays Higgins to get revenge on Steele and the Matrix

First Appearance
She was young, in her mid-thirties, a redhead with bright green eyes who was uncomfortably pretty, though she took no pains to emphasize her beauty. But then, she didn't need to, Higgins thought. J.D. Masters, Killer Steele pg. 81

Senator Bryce Carman

Senator from Massachusetts and one of the big wigs in Congress.

Hates the CIA and all the post-apocalyptic money they use

Chairman of both the Armed Services and the Ways and Means Committees.

Ends up teaming with Victor Borodini to take down the CIA and Steele. He succeeds in killing everyone but Steele

Dead: Steele throws him out of a building at the end of Renegade Steele

First Appearance
"Thank you for coming, Mr. Higgins." Senator Carman, the chairman, sat in the center of the raised dais flanked by the other members of the subcommittee. Having greeted him, he then looked down and started leafing through the report before him, ignoring him completely. J.D. Masters, Jagged Steele pg. 1

Sgt. Reese Tracy

Guard at Warren Air Force base where a reclamation project for nuclear weapons was underway. Tracy discovered the plot by General Zach Chord to use the nuclear weapons against the federal government in New York, so that he could take over the country. Tracy deserted in the middle of the night and made it to Denver, where he was able to contact the CIA and tell them about the plan.

Wimp & pussyhound. Falls in love with the first stripper to get him stone and sleep with him.

First Appearance
Sgt. Reese Tracy stood grabbing a quick smoke by his jeep on the windswept plain outside Cheyenne. A few feet away from him was a fenced enclosure that contained one of the missile Launch Control Facilities. It didn't look like much. J.D. Masters, Jagged Steele pg. 27

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